The Power Life, A Perspective Shift

I was having a conversation the other day with a dear friend about our life achievements. What they really meant. Not only to us but to our world. The conversation expanded to cover many topics and points of view.

You’ll find that a lot of blogs out there want to give you hard facts. I feel that is a detriment to both the reader and I, the writer. During this conversation we spoke on a similar topic amongst other things of course. Instead of handing you the reader a list of “How-To’” I feel it may work best for us to go over options and possibilities. Yes, I’ve been coaching in a minimal capacity for my entire life as I’m sure you have as well.

If you’re reading this blog now, then you’re certainly searching for your options. In both how you feel about coaching others or that you yourself may want to work with someone. If you have the ability to perceive your life achievements as an entirety your halfway to a clearer self realization is what we went on to talk about.

We decided there may not have been as many negatives and positives as we had initially thought about at the onset. What if you were / are merely having one experience? What if everything isn’t a collective of individual incidents building up instead, you’re able to look back on everything and say “Up until now was one experience as a whole.

Now is an additional experience. My future a third experience.” When we break our life down into sections like this, we are able to see that over all we only had this moment. What we thought about the past and what we imagine our future to be.

All the while we are living right here and right now. Feeling this to be a truth you’re able to structure your responses better and you’re able to enjoy the smaller tasks as much as the larger ones. Being conscious of your consciousness is liberating. Let’s play a quick game and lets focus directly on your consciousness. Focus on your left foot and your right hand.

Now over the next 60 seconds decided that you’re going to lift one or the other. But don’t do it until the last second. Which one will you lift? While you’re in this state your able to consciously think about and mentally address your own consciousness.

This is a game that will show you new way to view your situation. Who inside your head / heart/ soul. Is running the show. Again no answers here merely something to think about when you are addressing your life accomplishments. Understanding that they all break down exactly how you chose to perceive them.