It’s Your Life, Take Charge!

It’s Your Life, Take Charge!

Who is a life coach? Understanding the role of a life coach is the first step to understanding why you need one. Life coaching is said to be a coaching model that focuses on the intimately interconnected parts of a human being, namely;

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit

This is the reason why a life coach is sometimes referred to as a holistic healer. They take a holistic approach by taking into consideration every single aspect of your life when helping you achieve your goals. It is actually said that all life coaches are in essence holistic coaches because all aspects of an individual’s life are interconnected. One of the most powerful tools used by these professionals is known as the “Life Balance Wheel.” This tool divides an individual’s life into 8 sections, namely;

  • Community
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Living environment
  • Personal growth
  • Recreation & Health
  • Spirituality
  • Work

Life coaches take clients through life wheel balance exercises which enable them to tell whether your life is in balance or not. When helping you achieve your goals, each one of the sections in the wheel is considered.Thus, when someone approaches a life coach with help on an issue, the coach will examine whether there are other areas in their life that are out of balance which has led to the current situation. By achieving balance in one area, the overall balance in life is achieved and goals are met. This is the situation in many cases; people approach a life coach for a session with a specific goal in mind only to find out that there are other factors they need to deal with. By becoming aware of these issues, you find ways to eliminate obstacles you never knew existed. By continuously considering all aspects of your life, through life coaching sessions, your life becomes whole and balanced and can achieve the following”

  • Become more productive
  • Perform better at your job or business
  • Are more creative
  • Are more energized
  • Have more self-esteem
  • Have inner peace
  • Move closer to self-actualization

If you are ready to begin living a balanced and successful life, consider engaging a life coach. You will be surprised by how much you will be able to achieve in your life.
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