Dealing with stress anxiety in the cooperate environment as an executive woman

Multitasking is hard. It sure sounds sexy on paper – there are just so damn many things to do, and you find yourself having to multitask daily! So many complaints about stress levels escalate in the workplace, and it’s time to take action. Want to give your home front-desk worker a break?

Dr. Linda Peretz, a prominent psychologist and clinical professor says that one of the biggest mistakes that a woman can make is presenting their cover as opaque instead of transparent. One cover that makes it difficult for people to see your true self is anxiety, which often takes on physical symptoms such as headaches and an upset stomach. Anxieties at work can take a major toll on your mental and physical health, especially for a women executive.

Dealing with anxiety at work as an Executive women

As someone who’s worked in a male-dominated workplace for the past 15 years, the concept of an executive woman working in an executive position is intimidating. What are some battle tactics to deal with this? Women feel pressure in the workplace, largely because women must be good family workers and leaders all in one.

Being a woman means being very capable yet also being faced with workplace anxieties. There are certain workplace anxieties that an executive woman will have to engage with regularly. Some of these anxieties include feeling comfortable talking about one’s work, being seen as an individual rather than just someone who fills a role, or ensuring that one’s contributions are recognized for their value. The workplace is now charged with all kinds of anxieties. They are often part of the process of self-actualization in women. There are many ways to train the mind to overcome anxiety. One way is to focus on positive thoughts and remember moments of happiness.

Get Motivated by Being Prepared

Managing anxiety with our work is not easy. So many women in corporate America are probably feeling nervous, overwhelmed, scared, and anxious about what today will bring. With more than 25% of females in full-time employment, compared to 63% of men, come anxieties about work. While the numbers are not statistically significant, females do see their level of performance drop significantly when they are at work. If that sounds like you, you should use the strategies below to deal with your Stress anxiety.

Focus on Meditation Analogies

A new study on mindfulness has found that mindfulness techniques reduced stress levels among female managers by 16%. People with high degrees of mindfulness can train their brains to focus on the things around them, consciously refocusing when thoughts are not at their optimal state. Women tend to have more stress anxiety in work settings, so being mindful could be a great outlet during office hours.

Keep in Mind Work Role vs. Personal Life

The key is realizing there may be a difference between what your work role entails and who you are outside of the office. Women in leadership roles walk a lot of thin ice when it comes to work and personal life. It can be challenging when all you want is to focus on your career and define yourself as an executive, but you also have to take care of family life. This is a common struggle that often leads to anxiety for female leaders in companies or industries that lack progressive support systems.

Avoid Toxic Work Environments

Executive Women in the workplace are not immune to the toxic work environment. One of the things I love about being in business is that it is not just about the money–it is about the people, opportunities, and experiences. It can be so rewarding to navigate a challenging business landscape and find success amidst obstacles; however, if we’re not careful, we lose sight of why we got into this line of work and started avoiding our work because it’s difficult or creates anxiety. This kind of emotion can make you feel powerless; it can make even your most secure job seem like a harrowing situation.

The best defense is to be aware of how you respond to different situations from day one. Know what specific triggers could cause this negative energy, especially when you have been feeling shaky lately.

Do Not Shy Away From Paying the Price for Success

Research consistently shows that women often take their new role down a peg in financial power, authority, pay, and experience when women are promoted. It’s fear of what others might think about you. No one will do the same with the same level of success as you, with no sense of self-defeat or self-doubt.

Declare Formal Objectives

Women face unique gender limitations, such as traditional expectations like roles in the workplace and how others perceive them. Now, more than ever before, women are rising to executive positions, and they struggle with different stressors that conventional wisdom might not be able to provide answers for. Female executives must watch how their work impacts anxiety and anxiety management, especially if their work threatens the quality of their overall life and future productivity.


It is undeniable that the workplace culture has changed for the better over the last few decades. Unfortunately, there are still things that put women on edge at work. Experts say this is because so many men talk about their job, but it’s too easy for female executives to get tunnel vision with everything else factored out.  A lot is going on as a female exec, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be as tough as you might imagine. Awareness of these uncomfortable situations and learning to deal with anxiety can help you grow as a leader and develop better coping skills.