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Stress ?

Stress and anxiety are incredibly common problems in today’s modern world. Both in the workplace and at home, many of us feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to cope with everything that is thrown our way.

Dealing with challenging situations can be exhausting, both physically and mentally, and when you find yourself in this position on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that it can take its toll on your body and mind. Life coaching is an excellent way to help you handle the stress and anxiety that you’re experiencing and to turn your experiences from obstacles that are getting in your way into positivity that can help you achieve your goals.

By looking at situations in different ways, we can begin to understand the things that increase our stress levels and make us feel more anxious. Once we are aware of those triggers, we can then learn how to respond to them more positively and how to think differently about them so that those feelings of anxiety eventually subside naturally.

We are all capable of doing this, however, without the right help, it can often prove to be extremely difficult if not impossible to achieve it. With life coaching, though, the path through panic and worry to the calm other side can become clear.

Many clients who thought that feeling anxious and stressed was a normal part of their personalities have come to realize that they can reduce their stress levels and gain greater control simply by working through their problems with an experienced life coach.

Anxiety – What Is It And Why Am I Experiencing It?

When we’re fearful, worried, or tense about something, we experience anxiety. In some cases, we may feel this way about something that hasn’t happened yet, but in some cases, we have anxiety about events in the past where we ruminate about something we said or did that may or may not have been wrong.

Although anxiety is unpleasant, it’s actually a normal human response to threats. We feel anxiety so we can stay safe. During human evolution, the brain developed a way of releasing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol whenever it feels threatened so we feel more alert and ready to respond in a hurry, creating the fight or flight response.

Although generations ago this response was helpful in keeping us safe from the predators that may have attacked us, these days our bodies make the same response to far less aggressive “threats” such as having to attend a job interview or make an important speech, and as we’re usually unable to physically run away from such threats, we have no real way of addressing them.

If anxiety is impacting your daily life, preventing you from achieving the things that you want to achieve, finding an effective way to eliminate the distressing symptoms is vital. That is where life coaching can prove to be highly beneficial.

Making Anxiety & Stress Go Away

Stress and anxiety can all-too-easily become endemic problems. Essentially, the response that we take to challenging situations can, over time, become a habit that then becomes our go-to whenever we find ourselves in similar circumstances.

Even when we’re not fully aware of what causes our behavior, we may make a habitual response to those triggers that result in distressing physical and mental symptoms. A life coach can work with you to help you begin to gain a greater understanding of the reasons why you’re experiencing these symptoms and to help you find new ways to respond to those triggers.

Some of our clients have tried in the past to address their mental well-being but have found that they actually ended up worsening their anxiety and stress. The reason for this is because they were putting too much pressure on themselves to resolve their problems. When you work with a life coach, the extra stress is removed, so you can simply focus on improving your response to situations and working through your feelings.

A skilled life coach will ensure that you feel no discomfort or embarrassment as you face your problems. Instead, they will help you to see that stress and anxiety can happen to anybody and usually occur for logical reasons – it’s your response to those reasons that is detrimental to your mental and emotional well-being and, thus, that is where changes need to be implemented.

Will Life Coaching Help Me Relieve My Stress &Anxiety?

Working with the right life coach, you’ll be able to deal more effectively with your stress and anxiety so that you can still to feel more like yourself once more. The team here at Power Life & Business Coaching are on hand to help you take back control of your emotions so that you can begin making positive changes that will improve your life exponentially.

By understanding your anxiety and stress more effectively, you will begin to develop new techniques that allow you to work toward your goals, regain greater control and boost your self-esteem so that you can overcome the beliefs that limit you and not only survive but actually thrive.