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Our Power life Business coaches help you with your own personal development in a business setting. We help you by promoting independent thought, making you aware of your behaviors and tendencies, and revealing your strengths and weaknesses.

Marci S

Business and Career Coach

As life and career coaches with years of experience, our clients have come to rely on our ability to take an overview of their lives from an outsider’s perspective and cut through the fog of indecision. Our experience, vast knowledge, and the skills and tools that we use to set our clients on the right path means that those we coach are able to lead more financially stable, less cluttered, more self-satisfied lives that are filled with real work-life balance and the time to enjoy themselves. With our help, our clients are able to take stock of where they are at this moment in their lives and plan the next realistic steps that will get them to their dreams. Our clients are supported, understood and made accountable for their actions and their achievements. You deserve more from life. Let us show you how to achieve it.

It’s About The Power Life

Our relationship between You and Power Life is dynamic in nature; through this, you can better yourself and improve air an organizational level. We will also help you clarify your vision of your business and guide you or your organization to take a business from its current state to where you or your organization envisions it to be.

As business coaches, we are not there to work in the business; we re there to guide, motivate and focus you, the client, so that you can achieve your goals. We help you plan for the present and the future, setting professional goals and targets. We will work on a wide range of problems and goals for you. Our emphasis is more on development and success through the individual rather than the business itself.

Coaching has a significant impact on retention. Coaching can be used to develop and improve weaker individuals; even top performers can benefit from coaching. Weaker employees may feel isolated and expected to leave. Replacing and training staff is typically costly and always easy; thus retention through business coaching provides tangible returns. Business coaching promotes happiness and development in our clients, which can lead to an increase in productivity and innovation.

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