A 6-Week Life Coaching Program for Women

By the end of this 6-Week Life Coaching Program, women will have gained valuable insights, increased self-confidence, improved their communication skills, set and achieved meaningful goals, nurtured healthier relationships, and developed a clear plan for their future growth and empowerment. 


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Your True Self

Introduction to the program and setting goals 

Self-assessment and identifying strengths and weaknesses 

Exploring your values and beliefs 

Journaling and self-reflection exercises 

Understanding the importance of self-confidence 

Techniques for boosting self-esteem 

Overcoming self-doubt and negative self-talk 

Daily confidence-building exercises 

Building Self-Confidence
and Self-Esteem

Mastering Effective

Developing effective communication skills 

Assertiveness vs. aggressiveness 

Active listening and empathy 

Practicing communication exercises in real-life situations 

Setting SMART goals 

Creating a vision board and action plan 

Overcoming obstacles and staying motivated 

Weekly goal tracking and adjustment 


Setting and
Achieving Goals

Healthy boundaries and self-care in relationships 

Effective conflict resolution strategies 

Building a support network 

Reflecting on current relationships and setting boundaries 

Creating a long-term vision for your life 

Time management and productivity techniques 

Developing a self-care plan for ongoing growth 

Celebration and graduation 

Developing a personal growth plan for the future 

Your Future

The Program

Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions (60 minutes each) 

Access to a private online community for peer support 

Weekly group video calls for sharing experiences and insights 

Additional resources such as articles, books, and exercises tailored to each week’s theme 

Accountability check-ins to track progress and adjust goals as needed